Frequently Asked Questions

Data-To-Earn means anybody that supplies to our aeronautical information platform will receive tokens as a reward for contributing. There are some conditions for being rewarded, such as holding Latinnav tokens and providing with legit information that will be firstly validated.

Because one of the main challenges we face in this job is dealing with aviation authorities, their lack of communication, their lack of commitment and the lack of information they publish, especially for non-commercial aviation. By having a Data-To-Earn community, it will be easier to expand and integrate more aeronautical data for those regions that have been historically relegated.

You need to hold and lock $LNAV tokens (the more the tokens, the higher the participation level) and create an account on the platform. Then you will be able to fill in forms with information regarding aerodromes, flying clubs and schools, flying stores, etc. Information will be validated by our team. If it’s legit, you will start accumulating tokens as a reward for your contribution.

Information related to the aviation activity: Public landing sites, flying clubs and academies, private landing sites (if approved by owner), aviation stores, facilities that a landing site offers (hangar, fuel, repair, cleaning, catering, hotel, etc). Also, you will be able to contribute with more specific information for a landing site: runway dimensions, identifiers, thresholds, surface, circuit details, etc. Aeronautical events will be implemented as well.

Affirmative. There will always be a limit for the amount of contributions to avoid abuse of the feature. The limit will depend on the Level and on the contribution period (daily, weekly).

The reward for each contribution is defined in the sections of the Data-To-Earn platform. It can be from an equivalent of u$0,1 to u$5 depending on the level and the currency is $LNAV tokens.

The Data-To-Earn platform will identify duplicated information automatically and contributor won’t be able to submit it.

Aeronautical information is constantly updating, which means that we will have a feature to update existing sites as a new contribution.

You earn $LNAV tokens for contributing to the Data-To-Earn platform.

You accumulate $LNAV tokens in your account (virtual tokens) and once you reach a fixed amount (example: equivalent to USD 5) you will be able to withdraw them to your wallet.